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Gilson was born in a town close to that of Franquin located on the outskirts of Brussels. After studying plastic art, he began his career in comics under the name Gil. He then published satirical illustrations in a political review and subsequently produced drawings for advertising.

After a long artistic period and following his meeting with Dino Attanasio, he returned to personal creation at the same time as his work at RTBF (Belgian television). At the same time, he launched the comic book magazine entitled Le Graphivore, a webzine created in 2005 offering chronicles on the latest comic strip releases as well as an agenda of festivals, exhibitions and other events of the ninth art (the webzine was renamed BD BEST in 2013). Still under the pseudonym of Gil, he drew up satirical drawings for a Brussels magazine during his period of office at the City of Brussels. With Eddy Spinoy (colorist of Pascal Zanon author of Harry Dickson), he creates “The smoker's horoscope”.

In 2010 and this definitely on a voluntary basis for any future creation, the designer changes his pseudonym to adopt that of "Gilson" and that same year draws "Wichita the little Navajo" on a screenplay by Jacques Devos (Dupuis).

He participated with Walthery and Di Sano on several collectives from 2012 to 2016 and collaborated on a book whose theme addresses legendary cinema cars.

In 2017 he produced, with Di Sano, a sexy horoscope entitled "Sexyscope".

A collection of parodies and tributes to Rubine and Natacha was released in 2019 signed by four hands with Dragan Delazarre (with the participation of Walthery, Di Sano and Mythic)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In 2020 publication of Tatanka the young Sioux, a youth album produced entirely by Gilson.

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