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Couverture lovely wheels

Lovely Wheels is an illustrated book by great comic book authors that I participated in that touches on the subject of iconic cars. The common thread of each page is led by François Walthery.

These drawings come from an old collection of ex-libris originally produced by Cap BD Mons with the bookseller, it was decided to have experienced designers produced cars that marked the 20th century. It went from the 2CV to the Ferrari 250GTO via the VW Beetle. At the start of 2021, most of these have been remastered with current colors embellished with new ones.

This collection which contains the history of the car and sometimes an anecdote, will not be seen as an exhibition but as a tribute to women and cars. To embellish these illustrations with beautiful mechanics, what could be more normal than to ask François Walthéry, the author of Natacha, to add his drawings of Women. With his talent, he SUBLIME these ladies with his pen and Indian ink.

72 pages with splendid illustrations by Bruno Di Sano, Francis Carin, Sikorski, Jean-Luc Delvaux, Wasterlain, André Taymans, Stédo, Jean-Pol, Osi, Baloo, G. Van Linthout, Philippe Foerster, Gilson, Alain Audry, Marc Bourgne, Daniel Desorgher, Jean-Marc Stalner, Brice Goepfert and Eric Lenaerts.

The extracts
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